Saturday, August 14, 2010

The answer is blowing in the wind.

Thats right, Bob Dylan indeed.
So, i went to Blue Frog the other night to catch Lou Majaw paying tribute to the legendary artist.
I was just totally stunned and ridiculously amazed at the sheer energy level of the entire band and the beauty with which Majaw took classic Dylan numbers and mashed them up adding his own zing to it > Brilliance Understated!
So, for those of you who dont know who Lou Majaw is, i was recently introduced to him by a friend who is also a huge Bob Dylan fan, as am I, and Lou happens to be the greatest fan of Dylan to ever step the Earth, he hails from Shilong btw, and invited the entire audience to come celebrate Dylans birthday in Shilong, the condotion of course, was that "youd have to be a Dylan fan and bring your tent, toxity would be welcomed and so would a doobie or two".
Kudos to Lou and his band, double Kudos to Bluefrog for keeping the music scene alive and kicking within Mumbai.

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