Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday Night Poetry Slam

Just when i thought our entire class was totally incapable of co-existing within the same vicinity and have fun at the same time, was i hit by a big yellow bus of happy realisation.
Monday Night Slam, a poetry open mic event, created and organized by the Bombay Elektrik Project, invited all students of KC to perform and hit the mic stands.
At first i was seriously weary about going up and performing my limericks, because theyre known for being outrageous, slanderous and tipping on the edge of absolute perversion.
Sultan and Avi came over to my place before we headed to Cafe Goa, and pretty much forced me into reading out my stuff, and im glad i did! My nonsense limericks were so well accepted by the audience and even my classmates that left me feeling proud and built this fuzzy feeling of lowe for the world, which i previously replaced with my cynical view of life.
Anyway, everyone came up there, read thier poems, some funny, some deep, some life changing, and some were plain absurd. Props to out creative writing teacher Naina, who initiated the whole thing.
Did i just call her teacher? Im sorry we're in University now its high time we cut the ma'ams/miss'/teachers and replaced them well a well deserved "Professor". So yes, Professor Naina did a great job of getting our hidden talent out.
Im definately going to be visiting Monday Night Slam sessions again, with some more ridiculous Limericks, inspired by my idol - Edward Lear.
On that note, id like to end with a limerick that pays tribute to Pink Floyd, the greatest band to have graced us with thier music....

There once was a boy from Cancun
Who swallowed a helium baloon
He exclaimed in dismay
as he floated away
Ill see you on the dark side of the moon.

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