Friday, October 28, 2011

Its a four letter word, beginning with F and ending with K

Of course your twisted mind thought of the word fuck. I simply meant fork.
That's what bothers me you know, the history and evolution of this word, giving it so much importance. The second you put a taboo on anything, its in human nature to begin to pry further.
Who even deemed this so called slang foul word to be the mother of all evil grammar? When did its use on the dinner table become the reason for punishment and when in GOD'S name did it become a mandatory exclamation during good sex?!
From a bad word to the most used one in the english dictionary, this word has come a long way. We use it in almost everything and god forbid if you get caught using it on live TV, twitter would have a field day. Just to spite conformity, when I have a child of my own, I shall name (say) him, FUCK.  Why not? It only means the pleasurable act of procreation right? Did sex ever become a taboo word? No, it didn't, because if it did, forms of all kinds would need serious revamping ( ***: male/female) and sociology books would need to get burned (*** roles and ***ists).
Coming back to my master plan of naming my child fuck,I not only will implement that, but I will insist on marrying a chinese man with the last name Yu. It would be thrilling for me to openly yell out the most hated word of all time in formal situations. Say, at my kids sports day. As he's just about to reach that finish line I'd proudly yell out "goooooo fuck!!!!"
Or whenever my child first interacts with someone, he'd get the automatic privilege of saying "fuck yu" when asked what his name was.
As I reach the end of my article, it did dawn on me the amount my poor fictitious child would be at the receiving end of some hardcore bullying. I guess ill never have my dream come true. Although, food for thought, when and why did fuck become such a big deal?

"Fuck Yu time for bed!"

Monday, October 3, 2011

I see dead people.

God no. If i were actually seeing dead people i'd have some serious issues.
So im playing the role of a delusional psycho who has the cotard syndrome, which practically means i believe i'm dead when im really alive. Very similar to my state right now, considering a lot is warped in my life but thankgod for Masterchef Australia. Im sorry for the jump in topic, my ADHD has started to come back in a creepy way, damn those doctors who said i was cured.
So, ADHD, can NEVER, and i mean NEVER be cured. I cant pay attention to a single thing or person for more than 30 seconds, ill start looking at the persons hair or evesdropping on the conversation between the cow and the crow across the street. I cant sit in one place without the incessant need to shake at least one body part constantly to the extent of exgerragted movement. I cant stick to one TV channel now and sit through an entire ad without flipping channels, and that SUCKS considering im aspiring to be a copywriter.
The new coldplay album is shitty
REM has split
Lewis Caroll was a perv
Coleridge was a charsi.

I need focus.

I see dead people, one of them is Ms.Havisham.