Sunday, September 11, 2011

Here, there, everywhere.

What started off to be a blog solely dedicated to music, has now morphed into an outlet for my capsized emotions and everyday musings. Ruchi Shah, you're responsible for reviving my love for blogging (visit her blog at for a dose of blatant wit).
Since i am updating this obsolete blog after exactly a year, i promise to keep throwing at you'll a fairly large amount of music enveloped in my sour and cynical outlook of the world.
Just yesterday i was walking home with my mother from a Ganpati darshan, and i happened to see the strangest, funniest and most intriguing sight ever. A 60 year old man weeping at the thought of his Ganesha idol leaving his house today. I do understand a certain level of attachment one creates with a statue sitting in your house for over a week, i really do, reminds me of the time i befriended a moth as a kid and it sort of just grew on me, literally. (Im obviously kidding). This man was weeping with tears exploding out of his eyes and i genuinely thought he lost a child at the tone and pitch of his cry. Apart from being really amused it made me realize that we live in a country filled with a variety of personalities, and i love that about us, except for when you're a paan eater and prefer to turn my foot into your dustbin, not cool.
Until next post, keep it outlandish and please dont stick chewing gum under desks, the dustbins feel left out.

ps- You have to check out the band "Young the Giant", really good new act.


  1. Keepin' it Outlandish.
    It's about me, it's about you, yo