Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baby Boom.

Nah, no ones popping out any babies, dont worry. It isint our time yet.
Im referring to the month of September, where almost ALL my friends and I turn 21 or just turn something.
The amount of birthdays this month is baffling yet reasonably understood considering half our parents got married in either Nov/Dec, so you do the math really.
Needless to say, the amount of alcohol consumption this month is beyond human understanding, the fishes would develop a complex if they saw the amount people have been drinking this month. Happy birthday to my bestie Arianna who is considerably tall for an average Indian and ridiculously white for her own good.

Anyone watched the Emmys? Rightly said, it did feel like the Modern Family awards in a race against the Good Wife awards towards the end of it. Poor John Hamm, i was really rooting for him to bag the lead actor emmy. Guess he can silently go back to drinking scotch while screwing a pretty thing dressed in garters and puffed sleeves. Kudos to Jane Lynch, who is one of the funniest women to have graced the silver screen after Ellen,Tina and Amy! (Someone actually told me you have to be a lesbian to be funny and that almost made me want to imprint my spider ring's silhouette into their skull).
Thats it for now, i have really important things to do today, like clean bird shit from my windowsill and yell at the dog that parks its rear outside my door.
Keep it outlandish.
Thats Ari-Anna, the next best thing to Hazare, except that you know she doesnt look like a pug and the last thing she'd think of is fasting.

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  1. I quite love you. And im excited for YOUR BIRTHDAYYYYY! Youre going to be OLD! I wish you'd done Journo