Monday, October 3, 2011

I see dead people.

God no. If i were actually seeing dead people i'd have some serious issues.
So im playing the role of a delusional psycho who has the cotard syndrome, which practically means i believe i'm dead when im really alive. Very similar to my state right now, considering a lot is warped in my life but thankgod for Masterchef Australia. Im sorry for the jump in topic, my ADHD has started to come back in a creepy way, damn those doctors who said i was cured.
So, ADHD, can NEVER, and i mean NEVER be cured. I cant pay attention to a single thing or person for more than 30 seconds, ill start looking at the persons hair or evesdropping on the conversation between the cow and the crow across the street. I cant sit in one place without the incessant need to shake at least one body part constantly to the extent of exgerragted movement. I cant stick to one TV channel now and sit through an entire ad without flipping channels, and that SUCKS considering im aspiring to be a copywriter.
The new coldplay album is shitty
REM has split
Lewis Caroll was a perv
Coleridge was a charsi.

I need focus.

I see dead people, one of them is Ms.Havisham.

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