Saturday, September 11, 2010

Psychic Gibbon

So, its been a while now that ive been totally addicted to and im absolutely loving it.
Im a sucker for originality, and believe in anti-piracy, but i guess that just comes from my dads motives and drive to abolish piracy so we can live in a "real" world. Quite obviously thats never going to happen and zero percent piracy is a dream that would require decades before coming true.
I dont know why i even started on the whole piracy thing when i actually wanted to blog about electronic music. A genre thats almost dying and is wildly unheard of by most of the people i meet here in Mumbai, electronic music is a class apart.
This entry pays tribute to my fav ambient/Electronic bands the world has ever come across. Ill be giving you the names of the bands and thier best songs to look out for, trust me some of thier stuff is beyond madness.

1: Younger Brother
Songs to listen : Psychic Gibbon, All i Want

2: Shpongle
Songs to listen: Divine Moments of truth, DMT, Are you Shpongled?

3: Royksopp
Songs to listen : Alpha Male, What else is There?,Only This Moment, Poor Leno

4: AIR
Songs to listen: Talisman, Sexy Boy, Bee a Bee

5: Zero 7
Songs to listen :In the waiting Line, Destiny, Simple Things, Home

6: The prodigy
Songs to listen: Narayan, Breathe, Vodoo People, Omen, Smack My Bitch Up

7: Massive Attack
Songs to listen: Danny the Dog, Teardrop, Protection, Angel

8: Depeche Mode
Songs to Listen: Enjoy the Silence, In your room, Personal Jesus, Strangelove

9: Daft Punk
Songs to listen : technologic , Robot Rock, One more Time

10: Pendulum
Songs to Listen: Show Down, The tempest

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