Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I think its been pretty glaringly established that im a fool for instrumental music, and this blog has been dedicated to spreading awareness of music thats wildly under-appreciated/significantly unknown.
Everyone's heard of Dream Theater im asuming? With the legendary keyboardist Jordan Rudess, Mark  Portnoy's brilliance and of course Petrucci's effortless strumming of the guitar and his ridiculously amazing solo's. Dream Theater definately caught on with fans, but what didnt get that much of coverage was one of thier great side experimental projects > LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT.
This progressive/intrumental project boasts a number of long lyric-less numbers that culminate not only crazy prog rock riffs and solo's, but brilliantly crafted piano pieces and a zing of metal and jazz.
Thier best compisitions would include:
1) Acid Rain
2)Liquid Dreams
3)Paradigm Shift
4)Universal Mind

Ive been listening to this band since i was 15 i think? I cant remember exactly when i started following this project, but it was a great introduction to this band by a great person, my idol and hero, my father.
I owe most, if not ALL of my musical knowledge to my dad, who would rush back from work with the latest releases and wait to have heavy discussions with me about it.
The first real musical discussion i ever had with my father was when i must have been 13-14 years of age and revolved around one of my favourite bands of all time, Pink Floyd. One of the greatest bands to kickstart the experimental-progressive-psychedelic movement, helped me pass my exams, go to sleep, deal with a bad breakup and even zone out when i wanted to do nothing productive. So, the arguement i had with my father, was the whole Syd Barrett Vs David Gilmour contraversy. I was on team Gilmour, stating that he took he band's music and transformed it into pure greatness which was a gift to music listeners all around. His arguement on the other hand, was that the bands very first album (Piper at The Gates Of Dawn) which had Barrett as the leading vocalist/guitarist kickstarted the whole pure psychedelic movement and no one could ever replace his unmistakable voice. This was of course before he went totally insane, lost the plot and Gilmour stepped in to replace him.
The discussion, if i remember correctly, lasted close to 3 hours and 4 drinks of Shandy (for me, i wasnt allowed to have any hard liquor back then) but it was the best time I'd ever spent with my dad, and i continue to do so.
Moral of the story, while Pink Floyd introduced the world to the brilliance of prog rock, Liquid Tension Experiment warped it, twisted it, added a zing of other musical elements to give the world a new look at progressive/experimental music.

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  1. ello!
    I somehow got re-directed to this blog and the first thing I saw was the AIR poster and I knew it couldn't be all that bad (it sure wasn't)=P
    I am a total ambient soul and if you haven't heard Boards of Canada (which you probably have) you should give them a listen. Genius! Their remix of the Beck single Broken Drums is achingly good!
    Peas and Love