Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Tight Slap

Today was one of those days where i was frustrated with everything and everyone.
All i wanted was a nice fish curry to have for dinner, and i had to surpass a sea of obstacles just to get it.
I dont get people in Mumbai, i dont the system here. Truth be told, i HATE the system and the way things work here, this is why i miss Dubai all the time.
Reasons why Mumbai can seriously get on your nerves (What happend to me in the span of one evening):
1) Paan Spitting : Yes Of course we love to paint the town red (literally) by using the passers-by as our waste paper bins. Come fellow paan eaters, and use my feet as a perfect aim for your disease infested chewing of paan.

2) Why must we use the pavements? Its sad ebough that we barely HAVE pavements here in Mumbai, but no, one MUST walk bang in the middle of the road when there is a pavement to walk on. You see we love the thrill of getting runover by madmen and halting traffic so we can take a stroll in the park.

3) Rickshaw drivers have a death wish.: I'm convinced that every rickshaw driver here wants to either kill himself, or take the passenger with him. We like driving our rickshaws like there's no tomorrow and we MUST honk when theres a clear open road in front of us, also we must swear and abuse everyone and anything that moves.

4) Were Indian Taxi drivers: So we MUST be counter productive right? So we dont believe in wastage of space of any kind. So, what do we do when driving? We wont leave ANY space between us and the car in front of us because wasting space is a civil crime here. We also love driving like maniacs and dont believe in STICKING TO THE WHITE LINES ON LANES.

5) Give me some POT.: I wish, no, im referring to the God Forsaken Pot holes ALL over bandra which has given me the worst back ever, and these potholes get deeper and deeper, during the rains, if im lucky, another bigass bus wont plunge into one and splash me in the middle of the road ruining my perfectly gorgeous white Mango dress.

I could actually go on, like how on the way to the fish place i was stuck in an hours worth of traffic right outside Lilavati hospital (Damn Bandra Fair) and how idiots in this place cant drive, my phone flew out the window because i got startled by a Chakka, my fish came Tepid and the rush was insane.
Just, a horrible horrible day. When im having such a bad day, i usually come home and listen to some great easy listening music.
Dave Matthews Band
Jack Johnson
John Mayor
Lilly Allen
Corine Bailey Rae
Norah Jones
The Beatles
Reel Big Fish.

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  1. Your post reminded me of my time in India. I'm back in Dubai now, I have to remind myself to make use of pavements...i know what it's like to be startled by a