Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lets Talk About Sex Baby!

The one most important thing about music, is that it can set any mood so suit you or the circumstances.
I was recently talking to a friend about how the music manipulates situations and he came up with a fairly intriguing question : "What sort of music would be great wen having sex? And not the Barry White shit please"

To which i had a vague idea about music that would make you reach that so called climax, but this didn't let my mind rest. So i did some 24 hour long music hunting and experimenting and came up with the best songs you could listen to while making love or even getting frisky with your partner. Be sure to download(meh)/buy original copies of the artists I've highly recommended, it'll be worth it some day!

Best Sex Music:

1) Air - Ive already mentioned this ambient-electronic band before, skip to sexy boy and Talisman and just let your mind,body and hands (If necessary) do the rest as this French band will make you do more than just kissing (Tee hee)

2) Enigma - Old is Gold, so is this the best soul music is all its glory, still being produced and getting better with every album! Touches( pretty self explanatory), from the album "seven lives, many faces" is a must-hear, you'll know why (wink wink)

3) Sigur Ros - They're this Icelandic post-rock band with classical and minimalistic elements. Some of their songs are so tear-jerking when you're low. and so emotion-evoking when you're, well, in heat (i apologize for the vulgarity, at least im not being blunt and saying horny). Listen to the most beautifully composed track Hoppipola (Which has been remixed by Chicane and is called Poppiholla, pretty good if you're into house), Andvari and Hljómalind are great numbers too.

Only You :Anyone that knows me well, knows that I love Portishead to death. They are like my number one band. Beth Gibbons' vocals are haunting, strained and hypnotic. When you're so in love with somebody, you feel like they are the only one for you and my interpretation of this song suggests how one person can make or break another so completely with their love.One of my favorite bands, no, not because i like doing to their music, but simply because they have the most calming and tranquil compositions ever made.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: The Song "Teardrop" for which they collaborated with Massive Attack, play this number and if you dont enjoy yourself to it, ill change my name.
 The #1 song to have sex to is:
 Portishead - Roads
I told you I love Portishead. Since I discovered Portishead, this song has always been my number one song .  I don't literally listen to the words because they are incredibly sad and I think they are about a war of some sort. I love the slowness, the morbid, sad vocals that make me want to be scooped up into a beautiful boy's arms.

5) Depeche Mode - In Your Room
This song is almost creepy. It's my favourite Depeche Mode song. It has extremely freaky yet meaningful vocals.Make sure you download the version from their remixes album, it has a lot more zing to it making it very erotic electronic-ambient music

These above named bands top my list but theres so much more, like Tosca, Royksopp, Jose Gonzalez, Porcupine Tree, Dredg, Gordian Knot, Massive Attack, Yaroshi, i could go on, but i have a project to get to, and a screaming cat.


  1. Teardrop is the favourite.

  2. A great list! Was looking for some hooking-up music since a long time now!So, obviously, this was the right spot!
    Have had a chance to listen to a few from the above (in my quest for...) but still the musically-dumb me still somehow returns to the now clichéd enigma!


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