Thursday, September 23, 2010

No one like you.

Today, i dedicate this blog entry solely to one person. A person who not only guided me with ridiculous advice, but helped me take my first steps as a baby into this world. Someone who looked over my shoulder everytime and provided me with knowledge i'm Going to cherish for life. The apple, cherry, pear, strawberry of my eye and the love of my life, my grandfather, who passed away in my arms last night.
I never though i would be blogging about such a thing, because right now i have no strength to even pick up the phone and speak to anyone. Death came as a blessing to him, but as a life-shattering moment for me.
Ever since I've been in Mumbai, I've been living with him and my grandmother. Tolerating his illness and my grandmothers OCD was no joke for a 17 year old at the time, but i never realised what life would be without him.
He was probably the most forward minded free thinker in this day and age, "Why do you have to get married Malavika? Just live in, makes life simple" He said to me when my mother was talking about finding me a boy in the nest 5 years. "I'm telling you, get a tatoo that says SCREW YOU, its different you know?" Was something he said to me when i wanted to do something wild for my 18th b'day.
He was probably more liberal and braod minded than my parents both put together. If he were alive he would not want me to be cribbing about his demise and tearing secretly while trying to meet my project deadlines. So, in his honour, i dedicate a limerick and hope that where ever he is now, hes silently laughing away with Benjamin Franklin and Abe Lincon.

There once was a grandpa from Mangalore,
Whose throat was fairly sore
So with a slight snicker, i gave him some liquor
After which he got drunk and had more.


  1. Im soo touched Malavika! It brought tears in my eyes!

  2. Thats a beautiful post ! I think it becomes easier when u write abt it !