Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's In a Name?

so, some one asked me the other day, "What the hell is Sour Cherry?". My first answer was "Well, its my Blogs Name" and then  i realised that out of 20 people, probably 2 would immediately associate this name with the band "The Kills".
The kills were one of the best Indie Rock bands who make music using thier sheer quirkyness and style.
Its really sad that indie music is dying out slowly, some people havent even heard of the genre to begin with.
"Hindi music you say ah?" Is what people ask me when i tell them im into indie music.
Some other awwsome indie bands to watch out for are Pavement, Dinosaur Jr, Belle&Sebastian, Psaap, The Bird and The Bee, Hot Chip (Which tips on the electronic side) The Moldy Peaches (Look up all thier stuff not just the Juno soundtrack) Kings of Convinience, Karen O, Radiohead (Not too sure if they fall into Indie but what the hell, they're a great band), Bjork, The electric six, Hot Hot Heat, Arcade Fire etc etc etc.

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