Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Throatally Ridiculous.

Yesterday my two closest friends celebrated thier Birthdays, and i couldnt be there for it because i was too busy coughing out reminents of the Intoxication that happend in Kerala.
Karma is seriously a bitch, of all the months my throat decides to be stubborn and act 95, it had to be the month where all my friends celebrate thier birthdays, including mine.
Turns out, i may have to be hospitalized and get surgery done or something. So much for my "must attend college this semester" resolution. Speaking of resolutions, i've decided that come January 2011, I'm giving up on everything bad for my body, which includes drinking, smoking, Non-veg (Quite unlikely actually) and junk from the streets. I doubt thats ever going to happen considering Arianna Asrani lives two minutes from my house and will find a way to shove a hotdog down my throat from Carter Road.
This blog was really randomly written, serves no real purpose as such, no musical insight to give today or link to share, just plain agony from ym end and a little bit of loathing for the world and its sadistic ways.
Ok peace out, the unwanted meds awaits my consumption.

1 comment:

  1. Haha! I love the title.
    And random blogposts are *awesome*.
    Hope the throats better now.